Love this video of a seal taking a swimming lesson. He kvetches, he g’shries…and finally he takes the plunge!

A happy platypus

"Don’t Let Government Play Doctor…Opt Out of Obamacare" ad, funded by the Koch Brothers.

The irony of this ad when considering the intrusion into women’s reproductive health by the same people is absolutely, positively mind-boggling.


Song of the summer? Who cares…this is LOL funny.

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Tom Hiddleston teaches Cookie Monster about delayed gratification (adorable!)

Genius video! “Climate Name Change”


Love today’s google doodle for Claude Debussy’s 151st birthday. Make sure your sound is on!

Blasting out adorable YouTube clips may feel great — both for those who send and receive them — but a new study shows that sharing cute animal videos online may be doing more harm than good for the creatures who star in them.

A team of researchers from Oxford Brookes University in the U.K. recently determined that viral videos can in fact harm and even kill off threatened species by bolstering the illegal wildlife trade.

The study, called “Tickled to Death: Analysing Public Perceptions of ‘Cute’ Videos of Threatened Species,” used a 2009 viral video of a pet pygmy slow loris from Russia to examine the impact social media plays upon how wildlife is perceived by the public.

By analyzing more than 12,000 comments posted in response to the video over a period of 33 months, researchers were able to draw a direct link between the protected primate’s online popularity and demand for it as a pet on the black market.

Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, the Roots: G-rated “Blurred Lines” video on elementary school instruments. Such fun!

A visit to the Gynotician (Amber Tamblyn and David Cross)