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Women who are victims of rape must now have a pre-bought insurance rider in order to access abortion care

Given that Republican congressmen are being trained to talk to women voters as though we are their wives and daughters, what can women voters learn about how to talk to Republican congressmen?

Stop and consider: Maybe the reason the GOP has been so inexpressibly deaf to the wants and needs of women constituents over the past few decades is because we have been attempting to address them as co-workers and colleagues and doctors and bosses and neighbors and friends. When all along, we should have been talking to them in the manner of wives and daughters.

GOP Candidate: We Need To Talk To Women On An ‘Emotional Level’

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How To Tell If You’re A Feminist In Two Easy Steps

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TV’s strongest female characters share one stupid flaw. Supposedly empowered women are making terrible decisions because of men.

The WIC program, which provides low-income pregnant women, new mothers and children up to the age of five with healthy food, is not funded as of Tuesday morning. “No additional federal funds would be available,” says the Department of Agriculture, though it suggests that some states – some, not all – may have a state-run fund that can fill in the gaps for women who need help purchasing things like formula. They estimate the state funds would last about a week.