Overall: F (45th of 50)

Economic Security: C (27th of 50)

Leadership: D (37th of 50)

Health: F (47th of 50)

"A woman’s body [can] only handle a limited number of developmental tasks at one time—that girls who spent to much energy developing their minds during puberty would end up with undeveloped or diseased reproductive systems."

Dr. Edward Clarke, in his 1873 book Sex in Education. 

The Women Who Mapped the Universe And Still Couldn’t Get Any Respect | Past Imperfect

Love our forward thinking Tea Party members for helping us remain safe and healthy!

This is utterly disgraceful!

The effects have left her unable to sing.

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Individuals buying health insurance on their own will see their premiums tumble next year in New York State as changes under the federal health care law take effect, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Wednesday.

This is a brilliant article in Vanity Fair. Just because the owner of four Subway shops or one who sits on the city council of 4,000 presumes more knowledge than OBGYN’s and other healthcare professionals, we needn’t be:

Planned Parenthood estimates that 130,000 women in Texas go without preventive health care, like breast-cancer screenings, due to the cuts to women’s-health-care funding.

Bill Nye is among those who take a dim view of McCarthy’s new gig — and the possibility that she will use it as a forum to spread her [proven false…and dangerous] views on vaccine safety.

New research suggests that reading and writing can slow down cognitive decline.

"Feeling good rather than bad may be a core benefit of having good self-control, and being well satisfied with life is an important consequence.”

“People who have good self-control do a number of things that bring them happiness — namely, they avoid problematic desires and conflict.”

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