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Jul 24

Why the University of Phoenix’s Favorite Congressman Killed the GI College Aid Bill - The Daily Beast -

Legislation designed to prevent for-profit colleges from gaming the federal aid system and exploiting veterans died within 15 minutes of being introduced earlier this month.

U.S. Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, the Republican chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, quashed the bill by ruling it nongermane to the topic of financial aid being discussed at his July 10 hearing.

Kline receives more campaign funds than any other member of Congress from the parent company of the University of Phoenix, a for-profit education giant.

Jul 23

New Anti-Abortion Legislation Requires Doctors To Scale 18-Foot Wall Surrounding Clinic

Jul 18

E-book Sales Rose 4% in First Quarter -

Children and YA way up
Paperbacks down
Trade paperbacks down
Hardcover up
Digital downloads way up

Jul 16

Death by Firearms Fast Approaching Those in Automobile Fatalities -

California has cut the number of residents w/o heath insurance from 22% to 11%. Nationwide it’s a drop from 18% to 13.4%. Had all states taken advantage of the ACA’s exchange programs, the national drop would have been even greater.


Rupert Murdoch Is Trying To Buy Time Warner For A Huge Price -

At times like this, I wish there were a law preventing non-citizens from owning media outlets in the U.S.

Jul 15

Unlike the Rest of Retail, in May Bookstore Sales Fell 7.5% -

For the entire retail segment, May sales rose 4.7% and were up 3.4% for the first five months of 2014.

Apple Pleads for Price-Fixing Reversal -

By now the Second Circuit must be getting familiar with the price-fixing case: Apple has already lost two minor appeals related to the case, and late last month, two publishers filed an appeal with the Second Circuit arguing that Judge Denise Cote’s 2013 final order against Apple illegally amended their e-book price-fixing settlements from 2012, and made a timely return to a straight “no-discount” agency model all but impossible.

Wow...the wingnuts really DO want to take us back before FDR -

…and in this instance, Ike, and the national highway system.