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Laurie Gold, PW reviewer and features writer, Heroes & Heartbreakers blogger, gem enthusiast, compulsive tumblr-er, former B&N bookseller, wife, mother, avowed liberal, founder of All About Romance

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I also participate, but less often, on Google+ and The Huffington Post.            

I try and limit Facebook to friends and acquaintances, so I won’t be sharing my page here, although I did start a a FB group last year for some political activism. If you are of that bent, feel free to join. 

Reviews remain without bylines at Publishers Weekly, but it’s a huge part of my work life (I’ve started to also write some feature articles). Feel free to link to PW, and if you are a subscriber, each week you can access upwards of 80 new reviews.

I also contribute to Macmillan’s Heroes & Heartbreakers blog, which is lots of fun. H&H has a wonderfully modern sensibility. I love that I can let my hair down and still get paid for it. H&H features all sorts of fun and sexy content about romance, TV, movies, and occasionally ties in to Macmillan’s mystery and horror blogs. I’d hang out there all day if I could.

I’ve written Amazon Vine reviews for a few years. Clicking that green leaf will [eventually] get you to my Amazon profile page, and the hundred plus reviews I’ve written. I do not post Amazon reviews, Vine or otherwise, nearly as often now as I once did.

I became jewel/jewelry obsessed at the end of 2011 and have written almost three dozen reviews at JTV for items now in my collection. I like JTV for its loose gemstones more than its finished jewelry, which I then usually have set in settings/semi-mounts also bought from JTV. Most of my actual finished  jewelry comes from ShopHQ, Gemporia, and most recently, Liquidation Channel.

ShopHQ is another online shopping venue to become a focus of my new-found jewelry obsession. I’ve written about two dozen reviews at ShopHQ as well. I’ve learned that buying jewelry here works best during a sale, and, if possible, when an item is on six value pays.

I’ve been an National Book Critics Circle member for many years and occasionally contribute to the website. The National Book Critics Circle, though, has far more of  literary bent than what I tend to write. If, btw, you are also an NBCC member, please introduce yourself!